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Thursday, 3 March 2016

norliyana suhaimi

Rani Kulop bagi Amaran Keras Pada Tun M

rani-kulop-mahathirKUALA LUMPUR: Celebrity activist Abdul Rani Kulop Abdullah has warned former premier Mahathir Mohamad to stay out of the anti-Najib Razak gathering on March 27.
The Pertubuhan Martabat Jalinan Muhibbah (MJMM) president said the assembly would only cause chaos in the country and divide the Malay race.
“I advise those trying to hold the assembly to not stir up the situation and divide the Malay community,” Abdul Rani told reporters here today.
“If this assembly happens, there will be a great divide in the Malay race and we will diminish in strength.”
Mahathir had previously announced that he was prepared to attend the anti-Najib assembly, but only if invited by its organisers.

Abdul Rani, widely known as “Ayah”, also asked the public not to attend the assembly and to be united in strengthening the nation.
“The Malay people must be united for the people, religion and country,” he said.
Former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Zaid Ibrahim, had announced that he would be holding the gathering to pressure Prime Minister Najib Razak to step down.
However, he said the gathering for about 1,000 people would be a closed-door event for only those invited.

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